Promote your company

Once you’ve booked your booth, make sure that you’ve considered all the opportunities that will give your company the greatest visibility at the exhibition, contacts and return on your investment.
Here are a few ideas for making your attendance more effective.




Design your communication plan together with us. We can create tailored DEM for you to send to all of SUN’s  visitors; you can book a banner on our site and newsletters, organise an event in the exhibition and create opportunities for networking with your customers, planning the communication towards your desired targets and involving sector operators in a targeted, effective fashion.


  • See all the opportunities that we offer for lending your brand maximum visibility at the exhibition
  • Sponsor the App Tourism&Hospitality Hub
  • Link your name to a successful event at the exhibition (conferences, internal exhibitions, seminars, etc.



  • Send a DEM to all visitors
  • Post your news on our website
  • Send us photos of your stand: we will put them in our gallery