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Paolo Scoglio - Architect & CEO&Founder the ne[s]t

Architect & CEO&Founder the ne[s]t

Architect at the head of a team of Professionals specialized in the design of Architectures in symbiosis with Nature, in Italy and abroad, for private clients, tour operators and public administrations. He boasts numerous international collaborations with design studios and leading companies in the most innovative multi-material prefabrication. Lecturer at IED, Turin Polytechnic and Milan Polytechnic, he defines his architecture as "natural devices", characterized by total symbiosis with the environment, by total reversibility on the landscape, by intended uses linked to temporary users " short stay, smart living ": unique spaces where high tech is combined with natural materials. His nomadic studio THE NEST deals with consulting and design of prefabricated modules for micro-reception all over the world, connoting each of his works with a minimal green that is often inspired by the most advanced parametric and bio-mimetic design.

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  • 13 Oct

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