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Zaira Magliozzi - Art&Travel Storyteller

Art&Travel Storyteller

Born in 1984, Zaira Magliozzi is an entrepreneur and a great traveler. She spent half of her life in Gaeta, with the horizon in front of her, and the other half in Rome, where she decided to live for love and for work. Writing, social media and cultural planning are her main activities and also her passions. After two degrees in Architecture, the continuous travels around the world, writing and storytelling have become a job, with collaborations with various Italian and international newspapers. On Instagram, around the theme of the search for beauty, in 2019 she created the Storytelling project @15minofbeautyaday with a large community of art, travel, tourism and culture enthusiasts. Together with 4 other partners, in 2017, she founded Superficial, a creative studio that deals with communication, image, design, events and branding. After hundreds of sheets scattered around, the diaries, the texts on social media and the notes on her phone, in 2021 she wrote her first book, finished and complete, inspired by the journey that changed her life the most: 15 Minutes of Beauty a day

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