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This section is the online version of "Fiera di Rimini & Dintorni", which can be found on the official sites of all the expos organized directly by IEG SpA and presents a selection of activities that the local area offers IEG’s large public, with offers intended to satisfy the needs of exhibitors and visitors.

The printed version of "Fiera di Rimini & Dintorni" is a guide with suggestions and ideas for discovering an area full of opportunities for cultural enrichment, leisure and shopping. Distributed free of charge at all the entrances during expos organized by Fiera di Rimini, it is also sent in advance to all the exhibitors at the expos organized directly by Fiera di Rimini.

"Fiera di Rimini & Dintorni", an invitation to discover what the town has to offer, is now online. Click on the image above or select the link in the menu on the left, to view Fiera di Rimini & Dintorni activities.

To advertise in the printed version of Fiera di Rimini & Dintorni or in the Hotels, Ristaurants online sections:

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