Seminars & conferences
  • Wednesday, October 13, 2021
  • 10:30 - 11:15
  • Memo
  • Beach Arena - Pav. B1
  • Luigi Roma Lawyer, founder and name partner of Roma law firm.
  • Alex Giuzio Editor-in-Chief of Mondo Balneare

In recent years, the attention paid to beach establishments by law enforcement agencies and other authorities involved in the management of maritime land has increased. It is therefore important for beach establishments owners to adopt an organisational model to ensure it does not face administrative liability in the unfortunate event of charges of offences set out by Law 231/2001 (so-called “predicate offences”), committed in the interest or to the advantage of the company, and by members of senior management or persons subject to their management and supervision (so-called “senior figures”). This is a new issue that has not yet been adequately dealt with in the sector, and one which we need to start talking about in light of Law 145/2018, which provides, at the end of the transitional period of 15 years, the establishment of a “legality rating” as a participation requirement and/or a score to be given to those taking part in invitations to tender.