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Erminio Fragassa - CEO Micromegas

CEO Micromegas

Born in Rome in 1953, Honoris Causa Master’s in Economics at “Pro Deo” University (New York). Since 1996 he has been the Chairman and the CEO of “Micromegas Comunicazione S.p.A” and of “Finaf International S.p.A.”. In 1992 he was Executive of “STET”. In 1991 he was a Financial Consultant at “SEAT” (Divisione STET) International Operations and Manager of the North America area. Moreover, he was a Financial Consultant at “Sinergetica Milano”. In 1989 he was part of the Board Directors and CEO of “Valtur Spa” and in 1983 was the executive director of “CIT Holding S.p.A.”.

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