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Paolo Matrisciano - Co-founder of Contesti Turistici

Co-founder of Contesti Turistici

Graduated in Economics and Commerce, former teacher of Tourism and Business Disciplines, he has gained over thirty years of experience as an adviser and designer in post-diploma courses, in collaboration with the University of Turin. He was the courses supervisor of UET - Nouvelles Frontieres graduate school in Turin, tutor for travel agency and hotel managers. He is the author of several volumes published by Scuola & Azienda - Mondadori Education s.p.a, in addition to having gained a five-year experience as a public administrator. He is co-founder of Contesti Turistici, a tourism training, consulting and researching company.

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  • 12 Oct

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12 OCTOBER  |  14:00 - 16:00 Sala Acero


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