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Giovanna Sainaghi - Director Italy Visit Flanders

Director Italy Visit Flanders

At the helm of VISITFLANDERS in Italy since 2011, she manages the promotional activities of the Flanders region on the Italian market along with the local team and participates in the development of the parent company in terms of strategic marketing and territory management.                        
She is a proud ambassador of the “Travel to Tomorrow” concept, with which the Flanders have proposed a change to the standard world of travel: that positive power of tourism that can generate and connect passions and regenerate territories and people, is the same force that years ago made her choose this sector first for her first studies and later for her career. And today, just like on a trip, it makes her feel at home. General Secretary of Adutei – Association of Official Delegates of ForeignTourism in Italy since 2018. I only drink Belgian beer.

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  • 13 Oct

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13 OCTOBER  |  12:00 - 13:00 Diotallevi 1 Room - South Hall


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