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Antonio Martini - Founder & General Manager AM Turistic

Founder & General Manager AM Turistic

Was born March 19, 1976 in Grosseto and graduated in Law from the University of Siena. Over the years he specializes in the field of industrial and financial planning, becoming in a short period one of the leading consultants on the national and international scene. He opens Offices in Rome, Milan and major European Capitals applying an innovative principle and model of business development based on a systemic and systematic aggression to all sources of contribution/financing of regional, national and EU matrix that leads him to collaborate with major national and multinational companies, leaders in their sectors (industry, commerce, crafts, agriculture and tourism), and with medium/large realities that over the years year have undertaken and hit the goal of listing in the main European and world stock exchanges. 

In 2020 he founded AM Turistic srl, of which he is currently its General Manager, applying an innovative format aimed at enhancing the experiential and emotional component of the traveler and the tourist.

A new concept of incoming based on the synergistic combination of various services and experiences of absolute level with the use of helicopters, cutting down distances and allowing to reach the most suggestive places, admiring the territory from an unusual and exclusive perspective, enhancing at the same time Destination Italy and its agri-food, landscape, artistic, historical and cultural excellences involving and supporting the growth of all the main operators/actors of the tourism chain.

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