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Cosimo Falangone - Civil Law Attorney and Founder Travel Compensation

Civil Law Attorney and Founder Travel Compensation

Graduated from the University of Lecce he has been passionately practicing in the field of tourism for 15 years. Passionate about information technology and law, he has tried to contaminate and combine the two subjects with the creation of the portal through which he and his staff deal with all issues concerning air transport matters (flight cancellations, delays, overbooking, lost luggage, etc.).

The organization and structure of the firm also take place in a so-called "smart" mode with the main purpose of being able to ensure legal advice: 
- specialized, thanks to the consolidated experience gained in the various areas of corporate and business law;
- comprehensive, as it is designed to meet all the main legal needs of tourism businesses; 
- efficient, as it is timely, flexible and targeted, on par with that of any in-house legal department;
- cost-effective, thus enabling even small businesses that cannot enjoy large budgets to take advantage of qualified legal assistance.

During the year 2021, it also qualified as a Civil and Commercial Mediator.
The aim is to meet every need of the Client, taking utmost care to the profiles of competence, confidentiality, seriousness, commitment and constant professional updating, paying extreme attention to the exclusive protection of the Client's personal interests, with the utmost intellectual honesty.

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