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Marco Bussone - UNCEM President

UNCEM President

 Born in 1985, he studied Communication Sciences at the University of Turin. Since 2015 he has been vice president of Uncem Piemonte and since 2014 Municipal Councillor in Vallo Torinese, and Councillor of the Mountain Union of Valli di Lanzo, Ceronda and Casternone Municipalities. Since 2018 he has been National President of Uncem, the Union of Municipalities, Communities and Mountain Authorities.

In the last ten years has participated in regional tables related to innovation and information systems for the PA, transport, health, welfare and managing of public bodies.  He has dealt with territorial and European projects, related to renewable energy, the recovery of abandoned Alpine villages, the promotion of territories, but also broadband projects and bridging the digital divide between rural and urban areas.

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  • 13 Oct

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13 OCTOBER  |  10:30 - 12:00 BeActive Arena - Pav. A4


Marco Bussone
UNCEM President
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