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Giuseppe Di Marco - Abruzzo Legambiente President

Abruzzo Legambiente President

He has launched a partnership with the Abruzzo Region and several territorial stakeholders for the growth of sustainable, accessible and active tourism for all, with particular attention to the enhancement of protected areas and the regional territory from the Apennines to the Green Way along the Bike to Coast, awarded with the Italian Green Road Award 2021. A set of projects and initiatives that focus on the theme of sustainability also with a view to new mobility, as the experience of TrabocchiMob who represented Italy in the Forum "Stay rural 4.0!" at Expo Dubai as "Italian excellence of sustainable, accessible and innovative rural tourism" selected by MIPAAF with a national contest.

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  • 12 Oct

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12 OCTOBER  |  10:30 - 11:30 BeActive Arena - Pav. A4


Anna Parretta
President of Legambiente
Antonio Nicoletti
Member of the national secretariat of Legambiente
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General Manager Vivi Appennino
Giuseppe Di Marco
Abruzzo Legambiente President
Sebastiano Venneri
Manager of the Territory and Innovation sector of Legambiente.
Matteo Tollini
Manager and Parks and Biodiversity responsible for Legambiente Toscana