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Davide Giorgi - Garden designer

Garden designer

Garden designer, freelancer, and a 2002 graduate in Forest and Environmental Sciences from the University of Florence. He lives in Pistoia, the European capital of nursery gardening, and has been working for almost twenty years in garden and landscape design, in Italy and abroad, alternating the design of small private gardens, terraces, swimming pools and hanging gardens with that of large gardens belonging to old farmhouses. He directly follows the process of creating the gardens undertaken by his trusted gardeners, so that nothing is left to chance and the process follows one continuous flow, from design to the finished garden.  
With his work, he aims to design green areas that are thought through to the smallest detail, marked by a strong sense of originality, while maintaining a practical and functional aspect. He aims to transform any open space belonging to a home into added value for the home itself and for those who live there.

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