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Elisabetta Frega - Travel blogger, travel writer and content creator

Travel blogger, travel writer and content creator

Elisabetta Frega has a degree in foreign languages and literatures and she’s specialized in Arabic language that she improved by attending postgraduate courses at Damascus University in Syria, where she lived before the beginning of the war. She talks about this experience in her first book La luna sorride a Damasco – Un viaggio nella Siri ache era.  
Back in Italy, she started working in the cruise industry and for local incoming tour operators. Driven by curiosity and by a strong desire to travel the world, she has visited more than 40 countries so far, being fascinated by the differences in cultures and traditions and also facing adventures beyond the comfort zone sometimes. She shares these adventures online, where she’s known as Free Soul On The Road, with the aim of inspiring other travelers to discover the wonders of our planet. She’s been promoting her native land recently, Liguria, by cooperating with local tourism boards and sharing valuable content on her main social media channels.

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