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Francesca Serafin - Tour Leader and Expert of Africa destination

Tour Leader and Expert of Africa destination

Francesca graduated in Foreign Language and Literature (it was a prelude or an escape to a future that has already been chosen?); she also tried to teach but her great passions, the journey and the sea had the upper hand: she then explored half a world for personal enjoyment but also for long periods as a resident or to direct diving centers that have carried her everywhere between seas and lands. Nomads of nature, along the slopes of the earth and beneath the puddle of water, have turned the world burning the stages ... many of the countries visited, for the sake of places and peoples, and "revisited" making the tour leader: from Africa - destination explored for a long time - Middle and Far East, destinations of numerous residences and trips; and then Central and South America, other passion, new experiences. Of course there is no desire to stop ... its only problem is that every country is home, and every time it is a return or a new home, the pleasure of going is something you do not want to give up. Was there any need to satisfy his desire for freedom and discovery?

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