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Paolo Brovelli - Expert of Near East and Latin America destinations

Expert of Near East and Latin America destinations

Paolo Brovelli is always on the go, and since he has never been able to stay, he has adapted his existence to exploration, study... the move. So, for thirty years he has fueled the passion for geographic adventures of all kinds, with so many loves, depending on the paths of life: Europe before, then Central and South Asia, Africa, and Latin America, which often returns, with long stays in Brazil and Mexico, for many years become home.

 A language translator learned to mix with the world, has long been writing as a journalist and author because it was time to return a bit of what he squeezed out of his wandering. The same principle that is here, on this site, in this space. Transmit knowledge and experience with the enthusiasm of travel's love.

 Thus, in 2007, he published his first book, Wings of a Bee, narrative of his expedition in Ape Piaggio along the Silk Road, to be followed in 2014 by the book Traveling With Infamous, on the Inside Areas of Brazil. By 2015 his last effort, Inside Africa ... with the words, the impressionist trail of one of the world's seven rounds of the world by car, with Around the World, from Cape Town (South Africa) to Malindi (Kenya).

 Why Travel Longer Life, he says, and the " hours of the traveler " are worth seven times more than normal ones... his third book came out now: WORDS AND POWDERS - ROAD TABLES: EURASIA, AMERICA, AFRICA.

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