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Rosalba Giugni - Founder and President of Marevivo

Founder and President of Marevivo

Rosalba Giugni is the founder and President of Marevivo, a non-political and non-profit environmental conservation organization.

Since she was very young, she has been involved in many social volunteering initiatives and in 1985, strongly determined to combine her great passion for the sea with an activity that could serve the community as well, she founded Marevivo whose mission is to defend the sea.

She was a pioneer in tackling the issue of sea plastic pollution: in 1985, she promoted and realised the first beach cleaning campaigns.

In over 30 years of full commitment, she has launched many international scientific, social and dissemination campaigns in collaboration with institutions, governments and international organizations such as UNEP, UN, EU, PAM.

Among other addressed topics, protection of Posidonia oceanica, battle against the Caulerpa taxifolia, monitoring of mucilage jellyfish blooms phenomena in the Mediterranean Sea, fight against sea plastic pollution and protection of sea habitats and marine wildlife.

With her work, she covered all marine-related aspects: marine reserves, fishing, tourism, nautical sector, marine litter; she promoted legislations and regulations for the protection of the sea (‘spadare’ ban, protection of Posidonia oceanica, ban on the use of microplastics in cosmetic products and  in plastic cotton buds production).

She has been a member of ministerial commissions on marine environment issues, such as National Council for Environment, Maritime Council and she took part in Coordination Committee of Marine Protected Areas.

Experienced diver, she has created a network of divers for a constant monitoring of the seabeds and has founded a sailing division with the collaboration of Italian and foreign nautical clubs, for the observation and sighting of cetaceans, turtles but also floating wastes, aimed at implementing a database available to the scientific community for research purposes.