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The Oscars for the beach establishments of the future

The best beach establishments that set the trends worldwide in food & beverage, design and tradition will be respectively awarded the titles of Best BeachBest Beach Bar, Best Beach Design and Best Italian Beach.

The competition takes up the concept of the “beach bar” as an experience to be lived all year round and a place for meeting and entertainment, a concept that is increasingly taking hold in the main Italian and international beach destinations.

The initiative was launched in partnership with Mondo Balneare, Italy’s leading beach information and services website, and a key point of reference for the country’s tourism operators.

Like Planitsphere, SUN is also building on the Italian vocation to create value, and is doing so by rewarding ingenuity and creativity able to leverage, interpret and transform products, anticipate trends and develop new businesses.



What is the best beach bar
The "Best Beach Bar" competition is launched to find the best bar on Italy’s beaches.

The competition is organised by Mondo Balneare, the leading website on information relating to the seaside, which in partnership with SUN, now in its 34th year (13-15 October 2016), will dedicate a focus to the theme of the “beach bar”, and the solutions available to modernise services for tourists.