Start-ups and innovation

The best startups at SUN

The space dedicated to innovation that hosts the best start-ups in the sector.

An area dedicated to innovation that will host 10 start-ups in the bathing resort and camping sectors.

SUN NEXT SEASTYLE – Initiative in partnership with CNA Emila Romagna and Mondo Balneare.

SUN NEXT CAMPING – Initiative in partnership with CNA Emila Romagna and Start Up Italia.

The fifth “Sun Next” has opened. The initiative is organised by Mondo Balneare, CNA Emilia Romagna and Italian Exhibition Group, and selects the most interesting proposals aimed at the bathing resort and open-air tourism sectors.

The selected start-ups will have the opportunity to measure themselves against the market for the first time, at the reference trade show for the sector, exhibiting in a themed area dedicated to innovations for the beach of the future, located at the heart of the exhibition pavilion.

What we offer

10 stands will be made available, consisting of a table, three chairs and a light for the selected companies. These will be able to attend free of charge, but must ensure their stand is manned when the show is taking place. As well as boosting their visibility in the SUN Next area, the companies will be included in the show catalogue, and will be able to present a pitch during an ad hoc event.

Present your Startup